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Supplements are an excellent source of added nutrition when you may be coping with the symptoms of pregnancy & struggling to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. Even for those who do eat nutritious foods, our modern day agricultural system leaves our food and soil depleted. Some people may have dietary restrictions due to allergens and need to supplement to fill those gaps in micronutrients. Sometimes our bodies aren't assimilating these nutrients as well as it could be and we're left depleted. Whole food supplements are ideal but sometimes our bodies need a little more, especially when we're growing a human! And not all of them are treated equally. From fillers to production practices, to inadequate doses or suboptimal bioavailability. These are reputable brands that I highly recommend and have used myself! Check back as other options are added regularly.** Some supplements should be discussed with your care provider before using them, to ensure they're the best fit for you! If you're a personal client of mine, let me know what you're wanting & I can order through my personal wholesale account for some supplements, at a better cost to you! 

prenatal vitamin

Prenatal Vitamin

Not all prenatal vitamins are treated equally. These daily packs are convenient & contain optimal amounts of vitamins/minerals.


Prenatal Vitamin

If you need higher quality on a budget, this is it!

vital proteins

Amino Acids

This collagen is flavorless & dissolves easily. Making it a great way to get in the necessary building blocks for baby.



If you live in AZ, you know how important hydration & electrolytes are! Either way, adequate amounts help alleviate many common symptoms in pregnancy.

full circle prenatal

Prenatal Vitamin

Another complete prenatal vitamin created by a fertility specialist. And perfect for the postpartum too!

camu camu.jpeg

Vitamin C

This is nature's whole food that has the highest amount of Vitamin C. Excellent for collagen production, immune system, & detoxification support.

probiota infant.jpg

Infant Probiotic

Get your baby's gut health started on the right track! This can be helpful for colic or establishing good bacteria from the start!


Vaginal Probiotics

As your baby travels through the vagina, they're inoculated with your flora. This can be helpful for GBS prevention.


Women's Probiotic

Your baby's microbiome is largely dependent on yours! Make sure yours is sufficient in good bacteria.


Fish Oil

Helping to grow baby's brain & provide them with adequate Omegas. It's thought to be helpful in preventing certain disorders of pregnancy by decreasing inflammation.

draxe sbo.jpg

Soil Based Probiotic

These are hardier & more resistant to harsh environments. Probiotics are excellent for GI symptoms, oral health, & constipation. 

fish oil.jpg

Fish Oil

The difference with this brand is that it's made from fermented cod liver oil. Which also contains higher amounts of Vitamin A & D. 

thorne b complex.jpg

B Vitamins

B vitamins play a role in so many processes of the body & don't get the attention they deserve. If you're vegetarian/vegan or anemic, be sure to add this to your shopping list!


Whole Foods Iron

Another small but mighty supplement. Liver contains dense nutrition including vitamin B's, iron, vitamin A, amino acids, & CoQ10. It's a myth that the liver is a "Storage for toxins", so don't let that prevent you from trying them.

b complex2.webp

B vitamins

B vitamins aide in detoxification (don't worry, not in a harmful way), energy, mood, anemia, nausea/vomiting, & growing a healthy baby!

pregnancy anemia.jpg

Iron Builder

If you eat a plant based diet, this is another great option for building up your iron stores!



If you tend to be anemic in pregnancy or your provider recommends boosting your iron levels, this affordable & well rounded supplement packs a punch!

natural calm.jpg


A yummy drink that serves you by providing the nutrients that assist in relaxation, preventing cramping, muscle aches/pain, & aide in restful sleep.

passionflower tinct.jpg

Anxiety Remedy

If you're on the hunt for something that will help when you're in crisis mode, this is it! Totally safe for pregnancy/breastfeeding & it's non-drowsy.



Another tincture that's considered safe, this stuff will help with insomnia, anxiety, or any other nervous system issues.

milk moon.jpg

Postpartum Health

This company makes delicious, powerful, nutrient packed, beneficial, & beautiful products specifically for the perinatal period.



The majority of women are highly deficient in this critical vitamin. It's required for placental function, fetal brain development, & preventing neural tube defects. This is especially important for plant based diets.

digest enzyme.jpg

Digestive Enzymes

Finding yourself miserable with digestive upsets like heartburn & bloating? These enzymes are a must in pregnancy.



I HIGHLY recommend everyone take an adaptogen leading up to pregnancy & most especially in the postpartum. Check out what adaptogens can do for you, by clicking on the picture.

cold in pregnancy

Cough Syrup

When it comes to colds in pregnancy, there isn't much you can take to help. Luckily, this homeopathic blend is generally considered safe & effective.

protein powder for pregnancy


This is a woman owned business that creates nutrient dense super-foods for pregnancy, postpartum, & lactating mamas!

Newborn vitamin K

Oral Vitamin K

If you're opting for oral vitamin K for your newborn, this is the brand you'll want to purchase. Make sure to research correct dosing. Click picture for a link to order.

pregnancy leg cramps


This highly-absorbable form of magnesium supports over 300 processes in the body! Another mineral that our foods/soil are lacking in. Nervous system support, constipation, insomnia, & pain are reasons to consider this magic mineral.


Vitamin D3 + K2

Vitamin D is a critical nutrient in pregnancy & many of us are very deficient (even in Az!) K2 is needed for absorbing Vit D, so this is a great option! It can help prevent pre-e, preterm labor, & offers mood support.



Another powerful herb that is considered safe in pregnancy and powerful enough to support your immune system when you've been hit with a cold.

pregnant belly butter.webp

Belly Butter

This product is created by another Midwife located in Utah. She hand crafts many products that I highly recommend. And this is one of the most decadent products I have ever tried!


Elderberry Syrup

Another immune boosting super food. This is great for the whole family!

postpartum kit.png

Postpartum Kit

A local Midwife creates these wonderful kits for the postpartum period, along with several other herbal products. Self-care doesn't stop after the birth!

pregnancy hemorrhoids


This one speaks for itself It's very versatile and soothing.



Handcrafted herbal tea created with love & intention by a dear friend & fellow birth worker in Utah. This tea is meant to aide you on your journey to conception.



Not too big, not too small, just right! With wings so they don't end up twisted in your nether region. WOC owned. And herbal infused for a nice sensation.