Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation is believed to have a number of wonderful benefits for the postpartum period. Probably the most well known benefit is the potential to lessen or even prevent postpartum depression, but other advantages many women have reported is increased energy, faster recovery, increased milk supply and less postpartum bleeding.


The placenta is considered rich in iron and protein, which would be useful to those recovering from childbirth, and a particularly beneficial to vegetarians or those who had significant bleeding after birth. Pregnancy is taxing on the body, even if the pregnant person follows the best of health regimes. The theory behind placentophagy is that you are returning the nutrients lost during the birth process back to the body to aide in quick and smooth postpartum recovery.

The benefits of placenta encapsulation include:

  • Decrease in baby blues and postpartum depression.

  • Increase and enrich breastmilk.

  • Increase in energy.

  • Decrease in lochia, postpartum bleeding.

  • Decrease iron deficiency.

  • Decrease insomnia or sleep disorders.

  • The placenta’s hormonal make-up is completely unique to the woman. 


**Your placenta is prepared using ONLY and ALL sterilized equipment.

Your Investment: $175 (Deposit of $50 due at booking)