The Fourth Trimester

"Is ours not a strange culture that focuses so much attention on childbirth - virtually all of it based on anxiety and fear - and so little on the crucial time after birth, when patterns are established that will affect the individual and the family for decades?"

-Suzanne Arms

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postpartum mother support

Our society glorifies & puts so much focus on mothers "bouncing back", in record timing, after giving birth; that we have lost our inner knowing of the importance of nurturing the new-born mother(s). Our culture doesn't provide the necessary support to help keep moms home to heal and rest. Many are returning to normal life within days of giving birth. Running errands, to and from Doctor appointments, lactation consults, caring for the older child[ren], taking care of the house, cooking meals, driving the other kids to their sports/school, getting back to the gym, many are returning to work within a few weeks. All while still having a major wound -whether you birthed vaginally or by cesarean, still bleeding (possibly having hemorrhaged after birth), trying to work through breastfeeding struggles, being sleep deprived, with your hormones dropping off at an exponential rate, feeling like we have to host others to come hold our babies, possible guilt from not being able to give our older children the 1:1 attention they need, only receiving one or two postpartum visits from the OB, and SO.MUCH.MORE. It's no wonder perinatal mood disorders are rampant in our nation. What if I told you: We don't have to do it all alone. We already ARE supermom, we have nothing to prove by burning our candle at both ends. What Mothers need is to be mothered. And that's why I offer this service to anyone having a baby. Not just those giving birth at home...

Newborn weight
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Postpartum Services

The First 42 days after birth, affect your next 42 years...

  • 1 Prenatal visit to establish care & create a postpartum plan.

  • A postpartum book of your choice

  • 6 | In-home | 60-90 minute visits

  • Newborn care support & education

  • Newborn physical assessments such as vital signs, weight checks, cord care, diaper output, sleep education, & breastfeeding support.

  • Care for the mother; vital signs & physical health assessment to prevent adverse outcomes, breast care, bleeding, & breastfeeding support, wound/perineal care.

  • Postpartum care package includes: herbs, salves, tincture, sitz baths, samples, etc.

  • Warming abdominal massage with moxibustion & warming oils.

  • A footzone provided by my assistant

  • Evaluating emotional/psychological adjustment

  • Placenta Encapsulation if desired

  • 1 dinner meal +2 snacks, including healing drinks.

  • Resources & referrals as needed

  • Can be tailored to meet YOUR needs


               Your Investment: $1379

"Wouldn't it be wonderful if, after your baby was born, someone came to your home & that person understood your needs, & was there to nurture you, answer your questions, prepare nutritious meals for you & your family, and keep your home running smoothly, your way, while you rested & recovered from birth, learned to breastfeed & got to know your baby?"

-Quote inspired by Suzanne Arms