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Prenatal Care

Beginning with your prenatal experience, you can expect appointment times that give us the opportunity to establish a relationship built on mutual respect & trust. During these appointments we take the time to explore your needs, desires, & any concerns. Providing holistic & alternative health advice for maintaining optimal health & comfort throughout your pregnancy. You can expect to be treated with dignity & autonomy. When choices need to be made, you will receive true informed consent and take part in shared decision making. Your partner and other children are welcome & encouraged to join. We will check in on the health of you & your baby by taking your vital signs, measuring your uterus, listening to your baby's heart tones, and addressing any concerns that come up. We can draw labs, refer you for Ultrasound(s), genetic testing, or provide referrals to other professionals as needed. Midwifery care is considered safe for low-risk pregnancies. We schedule visits every 4 weeks up to 28 weeks of pregnancy, then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, & weekly until the birth of your baby. The in-depth, hands on, & intimate care you receive, goes beyond treating the birthing person (you!) as merely a vessel of life, instead you're treated as an individual who deserves compassionate, affordable, supportive, & nurturing care for both of you. Setting you up for a strong foundation to welcome your little one into! 

Labor & Birth

The day has finally arrived! The one where you meet the love of your life for the very first time. It's a pretty big deal! This momentous experience is unique to each family I serve. So while it may vary to some degree, there are elements that I am very intentional about creating and/or preserving for each family. I am on call for you 24 hours a day for any urgent needs & from 36 weeks of pregnancy - 6 weeks postpartum. Whether you have questions, concerns, or are in labor, I am available to you. Once labor has been established, I come to your home with a skilled assistant. Who's also trained in CPR & Neonatal resuscitation. We help setup the space and prepare for the birth. A birth pool is included in your cost, if desired. We monitor you & your baby throughout your labor, providing support as needed. The tools & supplies that are used in most freestanding birth centers, is what we bring to your home. We specialize in normal labor & birth. Anything outside of that, we are trained to recognize & manage accordingly. Ensuring that the process is unfolding normally & that you both remain supported and safe. We help facilitate the birth plans that you desire. Which may include options like; physiologic cord clamping, waterbirth, free movement, nutrition/hydration throughout labor, use of different therapies for coping, working alongside other birth support persons (like Doulas), and encouraging the involvement of your partner or other children. While also maintaining the space for you to listen to your body, work with the support of your partner, and cope however you see fit. I strive to help maintain an atmosphere of professionalism, supported, calm, & comforted.


Your specialized care doesn't just end at the birth of your baby. It is my opinion that this time is just as important, if not more important! This is what some refer to as 'The fourth trimester', basically like an extension of the pregnancy. A Mother and baby have just been [re]born and you're figuring each other out, healing physically, mentally integrating the momentous experience you just went through, and emotionally leveling out from all the pregnancy hormones. Learning to breastfeed and/or working out the kinks that typically come with that, baby has just left their dark, warm, comfortable womb, and is now experiencing all 5 senses on overdrive. It's ALOT! 

When you're supported in a nurturing & mindful way it can truly be a healing & enjoyable experience. Once baby is born and has taken their first breath, we can step back while you soak it all in and bond. While enjoying your new little person, we clean up the space & prepare you for your postpartum healing. We're taking care of the clinical stuff like monitoring you & baby's vital signs, assessing bleeding & for tears, perform a thorough newborn exam right next to you, prepare food & drink for you, and help with establishing breastfeeding as needed. Before leaving we help you get to the shower, then tuck you into bed, comfortable, nourished, & resting.

In the days after, we help with filing the birth certificate, continue monitoring you & baby's health and well-being, perform any desired and/or necessary newborn screenings, and make any referrals as needed. I visit you in your home at 24-48 hours after the birth. Then again at 3-5 days, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, & week 6 when our care comes to a close. Visits in your home are one part of you being able to "lay in" and heal from your birth. This is a practice that is utilized in other countries that ensures optimal rest & healing. My recommendation is typically: 5 days on the bed, 5 days around the bed, & 5 days around the house -this is a minimum standard! The longer you're able to rest and give your body the time it needs to heal and regenerate, the better your outcome can be. With each visit, I will have some sort of extra postpartum support item or routine. Whether it be herbs to run you a bath, a complimentary nourishing meal, breastfeeding and newborn care support, your placenta pills that I can encapsulate for you, a gift, and a warming abdominal massage. When you invest in my services, you also receive 4 hours of postpartum support from a postpartum Doula. These are all unique ways that I provide exquisite postpartum care that assist your new family in evolving. 

Your Investment: $4600

It is my belief that anyone who has the desire, ambition, & qualifies for homebirth midwifery care, should have access to this option. Please contact me for my low-income pricing requirements.

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