Well Woman Care

This is healthcare on your terms! The opportunity to receive holistic reproductive healthcare and experience mindful, supportive, & safe well woman care, in the comforts of your own home!

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Opportunities To Fit Your Needs

Full Well-Woman Exam Includes:
  • Pap smear

  • Physical Assessment

  • Breast Exam | Teaching self exams

  • Customized educational support & guidance for your monthly cycle 

  • Referrals for higher level care as needed

  • Lab work upon request or as warranted (at an add'l cost)

Lab work for overall well-being:
  • Blood work for common women's health issues may include: thyroid levels, inflammatory markers, hormone levels, vitamin D, A1C, iron, etc.

  • Pelvic exam and cultures | Pap smear for preventative health or active infection

  • STI panel as needed

  • This option includes referral for higher level of treatment via a telehealth visit with a CNM for consult & prescribing

Fertility | Preconception Counseling Includes:
  • Review medical history, lifestyle, & diet

  • Lab work as needed | Including pelvic exam

  • IUD removal or plan for coming off of birth control

  • Customized education & support to optimize your health & prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy

  • Referrals & resources to empower & support you

  • This can compliment working with fertility specialist

Breastfeeding Support
  • In-home visit so you don't have to leave the house with a newborn!

  • Review of concerns 

  • Evaluation of latch & nursing session

  • Weighted feed | More weight checks as needed

  • Addressing & individualized plan to resolve breastfeeding struggles

  • Help creating a plan for going back to work and how to set yourself up for success with pumping & bottle- feeding your breastfed baby