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 I am Lindsay, the owner and certified professional Midwife (CPM) of Indigo Midwifery. A practice that has evolved from what was once just a vision. My mission is to provide comprehensive holistic care that feels safe, nurturing, supportive, respectful, and empowering. The kind of care that supports our innate ability to create a healthy pregnancy and in return a healthy child. Especially when it's supported in a way that's closest to nature. I guide families on the path to bringing forth new life, providing the groundwork for our future generations to change the world...

Having completed my education and training through the traditional route of the NARM apprenticeship process. I have been in the heart of birth work since 2015 and began my Midwifery training in 2018. My own journey to Motherhood and through the turnings & changes of life, I discovered my calling. It was truly in divine timing, that I realized I am meant to serve families in a capacity that is much greater than me and leaves a profound impact that lasts generation after generation. After supporting a mother in the traditional hospital setting as a Doula and after the turn of events that occurred; I knew that creating space for empowered, cherished, joyful, respected, heard, informed, and supported, alongside a "healthy mom and baby", were the missing elements in modern maternity care.

Our society has evolved beyond the outdated standard U.S. maternity care system that we've been living with for years. Many families are living in the wakes of grief, confusion, frustration, & apprehension after their birth experience(s) in the hospital setting. Now, there's more opportunity than ever to create or recreate your birth story. In a way that serves and supports your unique desires and needs.

I am very conscientious & intentional about the care I provide mothers & their newborns with. Resulting in experiences that are healthier, trauma-free and have happier outcomes. Accompanying women/families through this life transition, leaves a life-long impact on the entire family -which lasts for generations. My care is unique because I build trusting relationships with these families through time and with attention to the details that make the biggest impact. You will be aware of your options, feel heard and encouraged, uplifted and at-ease. Built on a foundation of mutual respect and trust, your entire experience will leave you feeling confident, safe, and nurtured. Always having this awareness to turn to when you need it throughout your journey in Motherhood. 

It is an honor to join you on your journey through creation…

My Vision

To bridge the gap for families who desire access to birth options that more closely align with their beliefs & needs.

Supporting the next generation(s) through birth, in turn, leaving this world better than we found it.

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My Mission...

To shift the paradigm from pregnancy and birth being viewed as dangerous by default & needing to be managed. To being revered as a normal and natural process that is to be respected & honored. While joining you as a guide as it naturally unfolds. Providing informed, personalized, safe, & comprehensive care. So families can discover a holistic, pleasurable, dignified, and healing experience.